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Master Plan

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St Philomena School is constantly seeking to make contact with good teachers who want to lead students to a knowledge and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and academic excellence. Our school follows a classical curriculum which is based on the philosophy of guiding our students to a knowledge of the true, a love of what is truly good, and contemplation of what is truly beautiful by teacher-centred learning which focuses on the Catholic faith and the greatest thinkers, writers, artists, and events in history. Teachers who are familiar with such a curriculum, or who are ready to commit to implementing such a curriculum, are necessary to help our School fulfil its vision of education.

If you are such a teacher, we invite you to submit an expression of interest, including a cover letter and resumé, to admin@stphilomena.qld.edu.au. This expression of interest will allow us to contact you when future teaching positions at the school become available and to discuss your interest in filling this position.

Term Dates 2021

Term Dates 2021

Term 1 Wednesday 27th, January – Wednesday 31st, March (10 Weeks) Term 2 Tuesday 20th, April – Friday 18th, June (9 Weeks) Term 3 Tuesday 13th, July – Friday 17th, September (10 Weeks) Term 4 Tuesday 5th, October – Wednesday 1st, December (9 Weeks)

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Feel free to browse through the many photos of our traditional Catholic School; we have many wonderful memories!

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