‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…’

(William Shakespeare)


As the origins of theatre can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, the study of Drama is an integral part of Classical Education. Although St Augustine condemned the theatre of his time, he was well acquainted with the Classics, as knowledge of them contributes to playing one’s part well in the theatre of life. Coincidently, Drama helps reinforce the rest of the Classical Curriculum with a holistic approach to education. The study of Drama facilitates the students’ understanding of Literature, History and their burgeoning interest in Public Speaking. From Year 5, select students take part in the Queensland Debating Union’s annual competition, giving them a solid foundation for their future public speaking endeavours.

Primary School:

Students from Prep to Year 6 enjoy weekly drama lessons. As part of our program, students learn about the classical origins of drama and explore the principles of narrative (story), developing an understanding of how it is drawn from the world around us. Drama classes are designed to promote higher order thinking skills, as well as confidence, creativity and a love of culture. Students develop voice and movement techniques through activities such as improvisation and dance, to create characters, mood and atmosphere in order to engage their audience. Finally, the study of Drama provides students with an opportunity to practice charity in that they are compelled to move out of a ‘selfish’ mindset to a collaborative one where they create art not for themselves but rather for the enjoyment of others. Being encouraged to share their God-given talents in this way fits well with the Catholic ethos of the school.

All students in the Primary School participate in a performance biennially. This year we are thrilled to present Getting to Know: The Sound of Music. Past productions have included Nine Carols and Readings for Christmas (2017), Pinocchio (2015), and A Christmas Carol (2013).

Secondary School:

Secondary students at perform a play every second year, in alternating years from the Primary School Production.

Rehearsals are held after school. Many of our students chose to take part in the production, and take on roles from acting, to prop making, painting and backstage roles. Former productions include Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors (2016) and The Fearless Heart (2018), a historical production set in the French Revolution.

Secondary students also, from time to time, enjoy performing little skits at the Secondary School assemblies.


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