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Key Position Holders 

President:  Mr Alexander Daniel
Treasurer:  Mr Steven Morris
Secretary:  Christopher Tamer




About Us 

St Philomena School has benefited from a very active Parents and Friends Association, whose sole purpose is fundraising for the school. It was officially constituted and held its first meeting on 24 February 1999, but fundraising was well underway before the school was established. Many events such as raffles, fetes and garage sales were held and of course, in mid-1993 the ever popular Our Lady of Lourdes parish Tea Stall began selling tea and bickies and providing a valuable opportunity for parishioners to socialise and get to know each other. The money raised through these avenues enabled the purchase of the first buildings moved onto the site, well before the school opened. 

Over the years the P & F has held various fundraising events such as a jog-a-thon (2003), a major garage sale (2004), trivia and bingo nights, bush dances, car rallies, cocktail & wine and cheese nights, numerous sausage sizzles and raffles, High Tea’s, Opera and orchestral night, and our participation in a local community mega fête (2005). Our regular and ongoing fundraising activities include the Tea Stall, Pledge your support and major raffles. Since 2007, the very entertaining and successful Dinner Auctions have been our fundraising highlight, raising in excess of $30,000. 

The P & F has also made a number of successful grant applications, with the support of our state and local government representatives and the Logan Police Citizens Youth Club. The multi-purpose court was provided through grants from Powerlink and the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF), and the GCBF also provided funds for playground equipment and lighting for our carpark, driveway and multi-purpose court.  

Fundraising money from the P & F has contributed to the purchase, removal and refurbishment of our chapel, the construction of new school buildings, both primary and secondary as well as providing new books and resources for the library. Overall the Parents & Friends Association, through fundraising and grants, has contributed more than $1,000,000 to the school. 





St Philomena School Parents and Friends Association Executive 1999 – present 

Year  President  Secretary  Treasurer 
1999  John Massey  Bernie Gaynor  Renaud Rey 
2000  John Massey  Bernie Gaynor  Renaud Rey 
2001  John Massey  Bernie Gaynor  Renaud Rey 
2002  Matthew Murphy  Bernie Gaynor/Anthony Massey  Peter Massey 
2003  Paul Murray  Simon Fox  Peter Massey 
2004  Geraldine Massey  Anthony Massey  Bill Nagle 
2005  Geraldine Massey  Anthony Massey  Bill Nagle 
2006  Paul De Groot  Jacinta Byrne  Peter Massey 
2007  Paul De Groot  Jacinta Byrne  Kerry Neumann 
2008  David Walmsley  Jacinta Byrne  Kerry Neumann 
2009  David Walmsley  Alex Langguth  Peter Massey 
2010  Bernard Gaynor Jnr  Jenny Langguth  Shane Coles 
2011  Alex Langguth  Luke Fox  Shane Coles 
2012  Michael Walmsley  David Walmsley  Peter Massey 
2013  David Walmsley  Steven Morris  Shane Coles 
2014  David Walmsley  Anthony Massey  Shane Coles 
2015  Matt Murphy  Mairead Newton  Steven Morris 
2016  Matt Murphy  Mairead Newton  Steven Morris 
2017  Matt Murphy  Mairead Newton  Steven Morris 
2018  Luke Massey  Mairead Newton  Steven Morris 
2019  Luke Massey  Mairead Newton  Steven Morris  
2020  Luke Massey  Amanda Pope   Steven Morris 
2021  Bill Nagle  Amanda Pope   Steven Morris  
2022  Bill Nagle  Andrew O’Shea Steven Morris 
2023 Alexander Daniel Andrew O’Shea Steven Morris 


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